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Q&A With Dr. Hollander

Q: Which eye drops are best for dry eye?

A: Dr. Hollander of Safety Harbor Optical: There is no single drop that works best in every case. Generally speaking though, dry eye drops that are available by prescription only, typically work better than over-the-counter drops. When selecting over-the-counter drops for dry eye, select preservative-free vs. preserved, and keep in mind that ointment is stronger than gel drops, which are stronger than regular drops. In order for over-the-counter drops to have a chance of working effectively, remember to use them regularly, sometimes as often as every hour or two. The main symptoms of dry eye are sandy, gritty eyes. Oral medications, reading, computer tasks and dry environments may aggravate marginally dry eyes. Sometimes, it is actually allergies that are mistaken for a dry eye. There are prescription drops that are very effective for both of these conditions. At Safety Harbor Optical, we see many cases each year and it is important to differentiate the cause of eye discomfort so that the correct treatment can be prescribed.